Best 100 Free Business Listing Directory Sites In India You Need

, Best 100 Free Business Listing Directory Sites In India You Need
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Meaning Of Business Listings

Business listings are public profiles that can be viewed by anyone. A typical business listing contains NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) details.

Advanced details such as website and working hours are also captured by certain business listings. A business should include its information on various platforms and directories with which they can be found everywhere on the internet.

Types of Business Listings

There are two types of business listings:

Free business listings:

Google My Business, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, Oceanic Net, Atlantic Net, Infinity Loaded

etc., are some of the most popular business listing sites where you can list your business.

Paid business listings:

In paid business listings, you can list your business in paid manner. In paid listings, you will get many additional benefits and advanced features to promote your business.

History of Business Listing

Before the invasion of search engine giants like Google, the business listing was the go-to place for all information seekers. If we look back at how these local business listings came into place, the whole crux was the need. The internet gave birth to many websites and every business started to have its own website.

The place was very crowded. There was a need for some structure or a repository that will help people to locate their required websites. That is how business listings were born. Some of the popular worldwide free business listings are Google my business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

Why Business Listing Sites Are Essential For A Business?

The way of advertising for local businesses earlier was collateral, radio advertising, TV advertising, newspaper advertising, etc. These kinds of advertising burn one’s pocket with very minimum effectiveness. The new age of marketing for local businesses is digital marketing.

1. Local SEO

Local businesses find heavy competition from big brands in the digital marketing space. The one good opportunity for local businesses is to rank high in search engines for local keywords your users might use through local SEO.

For example, the chance of a local business directory getting ranked for a keyword like “Barber Shops near me” is much more compared to big and renowned brands, provided the local SEO for the business is done right.

One of the crucial aspects of local SEO is business listing. Having a business listing on reputable business listing sites is a way to showcase to Google how local the business is.

2. Be Found

Though Google is the best way to search for any business in the world, business listings are still used to find information about businesses. Not every local business can afford to have a website and do the proper SEO to rank higher.

But they can always get listed in free business listing sites and be found when their prospects search for them.

Benefits of Local Business Directories

There are many advantages of making a free business listing on a business directory, social media platform, or review site:

  • Listing your business on the free business directories sites in India gives you remarkable outcomes, for example, it makes your business noticeable online slowly.
  • Also, listing a business online means your site gets an excellent backlink.
  • When you get the list of business listing sites pick one and present your business there so it can further develop the domain authority.
  • Different advantage of the business listing is that you can add the following connection toward the end of your URL by which amount of traffic bursts out.
  • If you provide all the information about your business correctly, your business may rank at the top in Google search results.
  • Easy to use on mobile.

How To Choose Free Business Listing Sites In India

There are millions of free business directories available on the internet. Listing on every tom dick & harry site is stupidity and a waste of time. It is extremely important to filter out good business listing sites.

Let’s understand, how to filter out the business listing sites as there are a few thumb rules:

1. Non-Spammy Websites

Imagine you are on a website to find some information. You see annoying and irrelevant ads everywhere. This makes it tedious for you to find the information you need.

Your immediate action is to exit the website. So do your prospects. So, there is no point in listing on spammy websites.

2. Good Domain Authority

Getting a backlink from new business listing websites with high domain authority will pass on high-value link juice to your website.

There are many tools available to check the domain authority of new business listing websites. We have covered the top 100 business listings in India with a domain authority of more than 40 in this article.

3. Do-follow Links

In order to get the link juice passed to your website, it is necessary for it to be a do-follow link. Not every new business listing website provides do-follow links, but one needs to ensure there is a balance of do-follow, and no-follow links and built relevant backlinks to their website.

Top 100 Free Business Listing Sites In India

Here are the top websites to list your business for free in India.

Free Business Listing Websites Domain Authority Type of Link 92 Dofollow 92 Dofollow 92 Dofollow 91 Dofollow 89 Dofollow 88 Dofollow 85 Dofollow 85 Dofollow 82 Dofollow 81 Dofollow 77 Dofollow 76 Dofollow 75 Dofollow 75 Dofollow 73 Dofollow 71 Dofollow 71 Dofollow 70 Dofollow 69 Dofollow 69 Dofollow 69 Dofollow 68 Dofollow 68 Dofollow 68 Dofollow 68 Dofollow 68 Dofollow 67 Dofollow 67 Dofollow 66 Dofollow 66 Dofollow 65 Dofollow 64 Dofollow 64 Dofollow 64 Dofollow 63 Dofollow 62 Dofollow 62 Dofollow 62 Dofollow 62 Dofollow 61 Dofollow 61 Dofollow 60 Dofollow 60 Dofollow 59 Dofollow 58 Dofollow 58 Dofollow 57 Dofollow 56 Dofollow 56 Dofollow 56 Dofollow 56 Dofollow 54 Dofollow 54 Dofollow 54 Dofollow 53 Dofollow 52 Dofollow 50 Dofollow 50 Dofollow 50 Dofollow 50 Dofollow 50 Dofollow 50 Dofollow 49 Dofollow 49 Dofollow 48 Dofollow 48 Dofollow 48 Dofollow 48 Dofollow 47 Dofollow 47 Dofollow 47 Dofollow 47 Dofollow 47 Dofollow 47 Dofollow 46 Dofollow 46 Dofollow 45 Dofollow 45 Dofollow 44 Dofollow 44 Dofollow 43 Dofollow 43 Dofollow 43 Dofollow 43 Dofollow 43 Dofollow 42 Dofollow 42 Dofollow 42 Dofollow 42 Dofollow 42 Dofollow 41 Dofollow 41 Dofollow 41 Dofollow 41 Dofollow 41 Dofollow 41 Dofollow 40 Dofollow 40 Dofollow 40 Dofollow 37 Dofollow


Business listings are the basic hygiene step for your digital marketing strategy. Getting registered in free business listing sites should be the first checkpoint in your marketing list.

Another way to increase the rank of your website is by submitting articles on Article Submission Sites. This can act as a booster in increasing your website rankings on the SERP.


1. What is a free business listing?

Free business listings permit you to share data like your business hours, contact details, and addresses on locations or channels where clients can look for organizations based on their expertise, popularity, area, and reviews.

2. How do I list my business on Google for free?

  • Claim. Make a Business Profile, or operate with a current profile on Search and Maps.
  • Personalize. Add hours, photographs, and different elements and get found by consumers close to you.
  • Operate.

3. What are the benefits of business listing?

Few Advantages of Listing Your Business in a Directory

  • You can be seen more efficiently on the web.
  • Give the Right Data.
  • Directories Construct Brand Awareness.
  • Directories Improve Your Business’ Range.
  • Directories Are Social.
  • Google My Business.
  • Facebook Business Page.

4. Where can I post my business for free?

  • Google Business Profile.
  • Bing Places.
  • Facebook.
  • Yelp.
  • Apple Maps.
  • Foursquare.
  • Dun & Bradstreet.
  • Yellowpages.

5. What are the best local listing platform for business?

  • Birdeye.
  • Yext.
  • Vendasta.
  • Semrush.
  • BrightLocal.
  • Social Places.
  • ReviewTrackers.
  • GoSite.
  • Marketing 360
  • DigitalMaas

6. How do I advertise my business locally?

  • Compose a blog.
  • Master Social Media Advertising.
  • Pursue a nearby catalog or local listings.
  • Utilize privately designated advertisements.
  • Set up a standard email campaign.
  • Develop your email list.
  • Engage locally.
  • Offer a loyalty program.

7. How much does it cost to put your business on Google local business listing?

A Business Profile on Google is absolutely free. You can create your profile at no cost and can handle your business from Google Search and Maps to start getting more customers.

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